Blogging as a Platform

Making a Name For Yourself in Your Targeted Community
Kiersi Burkhart

Writers, artists, freelancers–with the internet blossoming as a primary tool for marketing, every creative type worth her salt should be working on building an online platform with which to sell work, generate hype, and obtain a following.

Kiersi will discuss how blogging is not only an essential part of building that platform, but some ways to go about doing it. Obviously, content is a big part of that: you need to sell yourself as a specialist in your field, as a respected authority. But you also need people to read that content, so she’ll talk at length about finding followers, building relationships with them, and making a name for yourself in your targeted community with your blog as your platform. This includes how you can piggy back other social media tools like Twitter and Facebook on top of your blogging platform to increase traffic to your site.