Live Stream

All of the #wcpdx action – live!

Upstairs Ballroom

Bergen Dining Hall

Nordic Room

Here’s the schedule for each room:

Upstairs Ballroom Bergen Dining Hall (downstairs) Nordic Room (downstairs)
8:00 Doors open
9:00 Welcome & Unconference Prep
9:30-10:15 Blogging as a Platform: Making a Name For Yourself in Your Targeted Community
Kiersi Burkhart
_doing_it_wrong: Improving Your Development Skills Through Examining Bad Practices
Zack Tollman
Why We Click Publish: Advocating for User-Centricity through Interaction Design
Taylor Dewey
10:30-11:00 Must have plugins with @thetechchef No one trusts the plug-in repo. Now what…? Games: Promoting, Demoing & Selling Yours with WP
11:15-12:00 How to Build a Professional WordPress Business
Grant Landram
WordPress + E-Commerce = $$$
Justin Sainton
Don’t Put That In Functions.php! (Or, How to Write A Basic Plugin)
Kailey Lampert
12:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 Town Hall Q&A with Matt Mullenweg in the Ballroom upstairs
2:15-3:00 Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask
Eric Mann
How to Blog Once a Day
Laura Kimball
How to Use WP-Cron
Ben Lobaugh
3:15-4:00 What you must know about WordPress Round 2: No one trusts the plug-in repo. Now what…? Migrating from Twitter to your personal WordPress
4:15-5:00 WordPress Security 101 (and beyond)
Robert Rowley
The Art & Science of Premium
Shane Pearlman
Frankenblog: Group Blogging with WordPress for Fun, Frustration, & Financial Gain
Robert Wagner
5:00 Closing Comments, Thanks, etc.

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