Digital Trends Funds Wifi for WordCamp Portland

Digital Trends is a huge friend to the Portland WordPress community. They provide space for the monthly meetup in their office building, and have sponsored WordCamp Portland two years running. That’s, like, the open source community equivalent of letting us crash on their couch once a month AND lending us rent money!

Who are these awesome people, you wonder? Well, Digital Trends helps people make the most of the hi-tech lifestyle by providing sneak peeks, one-of-a-kind product reviews, editorials and technology news about trendsetting consumer products and services. By focusing on products that incorporate style along with cutting edge functionality, Digital Trends has become an indispensable resource for people who embrace the best of what technology can offer. Digital Trends is one of the fastest growing tech lifestyle sites on the web with more than 4 million monthly unique visitors world-wide.

This year, Digital Trends was able to pay for us to bring in wifi service to Norse Hall so that your WordCamp Portland experience can be more connected and robustly awesome. If you see them around, please say thanks! We’re so grateful for their support.


One thought on “Digital Trends Funds Wifi for WordCamp Portland

  1. You know… folks are impressing me more and more by the day. As I’m reading the blog posts about WordCamp, I’m thinking “how in the heck did I not see that this was going on.” Monthly meetings? Can any Joe or Jane get in on these? I can’t wait to attend, expect to have my eyes opened to much! And, kudos to the sponsors, we entrepreneurs thank you!!!

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